Friday, 7 July 2017

Enjoy a Trip to Montego Bay with Cheap Westjet Flight Tickets

The tropical waves of Montego Bay welcome tourists in the heart of Jamaica; known as Mo-Bay by the locals. A city that is replete with waterfalls, springs, rivers and streams flowing from mountains tourist savings on the cheap WestJet flight tickets can be well spent on white water rafting, water sports, mountain climbing and a host of other fun-filled and relaxing activities. 

With optional snorkeling at various points, tourists would be glad to have saved on their cheap flight tickets for Montego Bay's marine park in a semi-submarine; experiencing the city’s beautiful and spectacular marine life. There are speedy adventure tours as well offered by certain tour operators comprising of the longest zipline tour on the island. Tourists are offered gliding trips, followed by a 10 minute break wherein fresh fruits are served. There are theme parks, authentic eco-cultural visitor's centers, equestrian and polo lessons and freestyle parasailing opportunities. 

With a fluctuating weather, the best seasons to book flights to Montego Bay are during the rainy months. Rains are scarce with little sunshine so a trip during June through September would be ideal. Most Jamaicans will inform tourists that rains are brief and usually followed by sunshine. 

Tourists should also consider going during the off seasons of October and November for best rates on cheap Westjet flight tickets. The rates during this time are about 30 – 50 % lower than the peak winter seasons of December through April. 

For every new city it’s important that tourists don’t wander about after dark. For transportation, there are taxis available. Be sure to observe a red license plate; these are the official cabs around the area with fixed rates in accordance to the norms applicable. 

On arriving to the city, tourists should bear in mind to book all transportation days in advance preferably through the internet. Although transportation is available not all resorts offer transportation services. Besides getting the right mode of moving around could be a problem with locals vying for attention and trying to lure visitors. 

In case tourists’ have missed the opportunity to book in advance there are booking counters at the airport are available after travelers exit the customs hall at the airport. For further details about cheap KLM flights please visit to website.

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